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A business that values family.

We believe AutoTec has been named one the “Best Places to Work” in Birmingham because we value family. We’ve built an impressive team of individuals who work seamlessly together, much like a family. We also know our people can be the most productive and innovative when they have the right work-life balance and are able to spend time with their families. Because while work is important, it will never be more important than family.


Integrity means our customers trust us enough to give us more and more business. The value 
of the trust others have in us goes beyond anything that can be measured because it brings along with it limitless opportunities and endless possibilities.


Excellence and perfection are not the same thing. Perfection is the unattainable thing we strive 
for when we are trying to prove something to ourselves or others. Excellence is the confident pursuit of highest quality when we believe in what we are doing and that its value warrants our persistent commitment.


Being part of a team encourages a sense of belonging, ownership and accountability. Our team members respect each other, are accountable to each other, and do not want to let the team down.


Being a leader in our industry requires intense focus, so we believe it is important to not take ourselves too seriously and try to have some fun while doing it.

Join the family.

Recognized as one of Birmingham’s “Best Places to Work,” AutoTec’s growth and success since 1898 has been fueled by its people. The company places great emphasis on a collaborative environment where employees work together to challenge each other to commit to a standard of excellence and accountability. We are always seeking motivated individuals to strengthen our work environment.

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The Balance of Work & Life